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I hired this handyman service to do some odd jobs at my parents' flat. They did a great job and did not overcharge them as others have done in the past.

  • Gabby G.

I recently bought a new painting for my living room, and a rather large on at that. I wasn't sure how to hang it so that it wouldn't fall on someone's head when they were sitting on the sofa, so I turned to PaddingtonHandyman for help. They did the hanging and wall mounting for me and assured me the screws and wall anchors they had used were very sturdy and secure.

  • Luke T.

There was a ton of electrical work to do after my big house renovation and I hired a team from Home Maintenance Paddington for some professional assistance. Now I have everything in order with the installations of the house and I hope that it will remain so for a long time. I'm also very impressed with the prices of their services - the lowest in the area and the discounts lowered the price even more. What a great company!

  • Colin M.

I'd been dreading painting my house and I'd been putting it off for months. When I heard about Home Maintenance Paddington through a friend and saw how good their reviews were, I was more than happy to book with them. Having them do the hard work for me meant I had more time to relax, and now I have a beautiful and great-looking home. I will be using this company again in the future!

  • Luke H.

Bought a new sofa recently, yet didn't know how to assemble it. None of my friends could help, so I had to call professionals. Home Repairs Paddington actually had a furniture assembly service, so I called them up and got a handyman over to help. Their help was precious and the sofa was assembled in less than half an hour later. Wonderful work, thank you so much for the help!

  • Terrence T.

My office has never looked better and that's because Home Maintenance Paddington have been working on it. They renovated it for my firm and did a spectacular job. They fixed things, added new features and improved others. New fixings, ceiling repairs, and merging some offices was nothing to them but it means everything to us.

  • Jamie C.

Paddington Local Handymen sent the best handymen to my home, and they helped me sort out my house repairs. They did all the work, did it well and gave me safe results. If you need some handyman help, call them now.

  • Natalie Forsyth

I was over the moon with Paddington Handyman Services when they dealt with some plumbing repairs in my new house. There were a few leaking taps, and blocked guttering and I didn't have the right tools for the job so though it best to hire the experts. The experts soon completed the repairs and it wasn't expensive. I have to say the workers were smart, and well equipped with tools and spares for various jobs. Plus they had all of the relevant qualifications to deal with this type of work.

  • Rene Hope

There's no question about me recommending Paddington Handyman. I used them to do some carpentry jobs and after my experience with their team, I can definitely call them professional. A truly brilliant company and simple to deal with resulting in a stress free experience. Great work guys!

  • Kelly Louise

I had managed to accumulate quite a few carpentry jobs around the house. Just bits and pieces here and there like a wobbly shelf, chipped sideboard and some creaky floorboards. The handymen they sent were fully trained carpenters and you should see the results! I still can't believe how little they charged too! I highly recommend Handymen Paddington.

  • Andy R.